Custom Engraving

A little about me.

Thanks for visiting my site.  My name is Scott Hall, And I look forward to meeting you and hope to work with you.  I live in Rexburg, Idaho, and  have been married now for 10 years to my dear wife Betty.  I have been greatly blessed to have the opportunity to do what I love and am passionate about for a living. 

I attended GRS engraving school in the fall of 2004, under Master Engraver Sam Alfano, .  I have been engraving since then, on many different mediums, firearms, knives, Jewelry, antler, glass, steel, silver, gold, copper, brass, and wood. 

I grew up around traditional horsemanship in the Vaquero style, which includes lots and lots of silver.  I'm sure many of you can relate.  As they say men like shiny things.  Because of this I have a love for guns, saddles, silver conchos, headstalls, bits, and spurs.  When I first started engraving I started with basic cowboy silver.  I later moved on to engraving firearms and have implemented the art of making classic Vaquero bits and spurs. 

Over the years I have engraved many different firearms, from everyday weapons, black powder guns, to collector firearms.  Many have required wildlife scenes, lettering, gold inlays, overlays, and high relief engraving.  I have had the honor of engraving guns that were valued at over $20,000, and a rolling block that was over 150 years old.  What a  privilege to be entrusted with heirlooms such as these! 

Enjoy browsing my website and check back periodically as we update often.  I will also be posting items for sale.  Thanks again.

Scott J. Hall